Let's Disqus the Blog

The hardest part about adding comments to this blog was fighting the NIH syndrome.

I have been working on the software that powers this blog as an open-source Django app for the last few months. It's coming along nicely and already powers my wife's site Ultra-Luxurious.

The last version of this site had a gorgeous custom threaded comments section. I had not included that with the package yet because I really wanted to overhaul it. As nice as it was, it was very prone to comment spam (nasty!). I had ended up turning off comments on nearly every post in my blog as a result.

I upgraded the blogs to Django 1.7 recently and noticed that Django's comments had been deprecated, so I was going to need to dive in even deeper to rebuild the comments. At that point I thought "why would I be doing this?" and went to check out Disqus. They have a very nice commenting plugin that works great, is free, and solves the spam problem. Boom!

I had to choke down a bit of NIH, but really - why work to maintain the software and keep spammers out when it's already available for free?

So in version 2.0.2 of the cp-blog software, integrating Disqus comments is as simple as adding a DISQUS_SHORTNAME to your settings.py, and you're off to the commenting races. Enjoy.

Anyone out there prefer another commenting system that I should integrate? Does anyone use Facebook comments anymore? If there's something you would like to see included, just leave a (Disqus) comment below.