Climate Change

A special Saturday broadcast of the BBC's "World Have Your Say".

Today's post for Blog Action Day is both global and local (well, local for me anyway). This comes both from me and from my fiancee, Michelle Kantor. The BBC (one of our favorite news agencies, fuhgeddabout the bulk of American news) does this great show, "World Have Your Say". They call it "The daily interactive show where you set the agenda" and I think that sums it up nicely. The listeners set a topic that day (like the BarCamp of the BBC!); their team discusses it and - this is the best part - listeners can send in questions and comments via telephone, SMS or email. And they really DO let you speak your piece, it's pretty sweet. They make it easy - if you email in they read it aloud, or you can even email them your telephone number and they will call YOU when they are ready for you. Wow! Usually this show is broadcast Monday through Friday. But this Saturday, November 3 at 11 am PST, they are doing a special Saturday edition of "World Have Your Say" right here in my hometown of San Francisco. How exciting! Also unique to this special Saturday show: the topic is pre-arranged. The discussion is CLIMATE CHANGE, which should be fresh in everyone's mind this month thanks to Al Gore. This important issue needs more attention. LOTS more attention. Until the human race, and America in particular, stops to listen, we need to be talking this up nonstop! So please listen to this broadcast. Encourage your friends and family to check it out. Call in to ask a question or add your two cents to the discussion. Educate yourself about what effects our industry and lifestyle have on our planet. We need to start thinking and behaving with a long-term, global consciousness before our "at home" ways become EVERYBODY'S problem. Here is the best reason why we should try to make a difference. Our future generations will have a hard time undoing the damage we are causing if we don't act now!