iProng Magazine Interview

iTweet featured in "The Voice of the iPod Generation"

iProng Magazine interview with Colby Palmer The January 2008 issue of iProng Magazine just came out and I am featured in an interview about iTweet, the Twitter UI for the iPhone (and now the desktop) that is my pet project.  iProng is an iPod- and iPhone-centric website, magazine, and podcast that is headed up by Bill Palmer (no relation, I swear!). iProng's tagline is "Voice of the iPod Generation" and this really describes the focus of their collective efforts well.  The magazine and podcasts feature Mac-geek interests such as Macworld Expo articles, interviews with Web/iPhone developers like Joe Hewitt (and, um, me I guess), coverage of PodCamp, BlogWorld Expo and VON events, and also cultural interests like album/concert reviews, interviews with musicians like Silverchair, Rebecca Loebe and Internet darling Matthew Ebel, features about yoga podcasting, iPod games and more.  There's a little something for everyone. iProng has a main website where you can contact them for information, read reviews and find out where they are appearing at events.  You can find the magazines available for download here.  They are also provided in an iPhone-friendly format here (nice touch!) I've been listening to the podcasts for a while and I'll vouch that they're as entertaining as the magazine.  You can listen to them from your browser or subscribe to them in iTunes for free. Bill lives in Los Angeles and has a remarkable talent for getting pictures of himself with celebrities.  His Twitter updates often make me laugh and miss living in Hollywood, you can follow him here if you're interested. Click here to download the latest issue of iProng Magazine. (My interview is on page 4!) Leave comments on this blog, or let's talk on Twitter or Facebook.

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