iTweet 2 Is Here

A major upgrade to the iPhone version, and an all new app for the Web!

Today I'm releasing a major upgrade to iTweet, an interface for Twitter that is one of my pet projects.  This is a double release: a hugely improved iPhone Web app, and an all-new interface for any Web browser.

Click here to give the new iTweet a try!

Beginning with the iPhone app, there are some key features to note:
  • Tap user pictures to toggle bio information. This section allows you to see a user's location, bio, and URL.  There are quick links to send a DM, view extended profile, turn notifications on/off, block, and follow/unfollow.
  • "In reply to" links allow you to see the tweet a person was replying to, without loading a new page.
  • Built-in search and hashtags via the Twitter Search API.
  • Monitor your remaining API requests using the number in the "refresh" button.
  • Update (and check) your location from the Settings menu.
  • Change your notifications device, get more detailed API usage info, set hashtags preferences, and more from the Settings menu.
  • Vastly improved speed in loading all timelines.

As before, a basic rule of thumb with iTweet goes: tap the avatar to see a person's profile, tap the username to see a person's tweets.

There is also a contact form on the About page, please use this for feature requests and bug reports!  (It sends messages directly to my email so you will get a quick response, especially if you're following me and I can DM you.)   <3

The Web interface has all the same features as the above, but adds some more information that doesn't fit on a tiny iPhone screen:

  • Detailed user info and API limit info available at top right.
  • Speed Tweet mode! Hitting the "Return" key from the text-entry field will send your tweet, more like an IM client than the Twitter website. Give it a try! I love it... if you don't you can turn that feature off using the Settings menu.
  • Really simple method for sending DM's, I use this one all the time too.

Known issues and limitations:
  • Character counter on the iPhone version still slows down typing. This is the biggest problem with the app, by my own reckoning and others' as well. I've tried many, many different methods of doing this. We're talking HOURS of experimentation! Basically I find that inspecting a textarea just kills MobileSafari's performance, especially in a Web page that has a lot of other elements in it.  I'm open to suggestions, as always. I've pared it down to 3 simple lines of Javascript and I don't think it can be any lighter than that.
  • User profile pages are missing information for most users. Also profile information such as "last update" are running behind something like 5-18 hours.  This is due to a bug in the Twitter API which I have reported here. I will post an update when this is fixed. This will allow some very cool functions to be brought back to the Web version especially!
Happy iTweeting! I'm always interested in your feedback, you can contact me here.
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