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iTweet featured in "The Best Web Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch"

There's no shortage of Twitter clients out there that will work well on your iPhone. Twitter even offers its own: But iTweet takes the cake for us. The client offers a great UI, and most importantly, the ability to download only new tweets each time you refresh, saving a lot of time and bandwidth if you're using AT&T's snail-slow EDGE data network. Best iPhone Apps - iTweet.netI just saw this really nice mention of iTweet,  my Twitter UI and iPhone web app, here on's Epicenter blog.  Thanks guys! (This article contains a voting system for "best app".  If you enjoy using iTweet, please visit this page and click the green "UP" arrow to vote for iTweet!) I've also received a few requests now for a BlackBerry version of iTweet.  I have never made a BlackBerry app before but how hard can it be, right?  I will try to create a BB iTweet as soon as possible for those of you who don't have iPhones yet.  ;) In other iTweet news, I'm working on a complete rewrite of the desktop app (and the iPhone app pending a review of the upcoming iPhone SDK).  It's lean, mean, and Ajaxy.  My favorite new feature: Speed Tweet mode!  It's so much fun I can't stop Twittering lately. Reminder again: please give iTweet an "UP" vote here.  Thanks!

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