iTweet "Post Link" Bookmarklet for iPhone

A bookmarklet to help you tweet shortened links using and

Here's a bookmarklet to help you tweet links to Web pages from your iPhone using and

Post Link via iTweet

Adding and using this bookmarklet is simple.  Just drag the above link into your Safari bookmarks and sync your iPhone to transfer the bookmarklet to your iPhone.

Then, from any Web page that you would like to post on Twitter, just go to your Bookmarks, locate the "Post via iTweet" bookmarklet and select it.  A new web page will be opened to, the link will be shortened using, and placed in the Post field ready for tweeting.

I thought about putting the original page's title into the tweet as well, but then I realized I would usually rather make up my own caption. However if the general consensus is that adding the page title to the tweet would be more useful, I can make that change - leave your opinion in the comments here, or email me, or contact me on Twitter.

Thanks to Matt Teske for providing the motivation to make this bookmarklet - I will definitely find it useful and I hope you will too.  :-)