iTweet: Statistics, Appearance, Follow

Some fun new stuff I've been cooking up...

I've made a couple additions and modifications to iTweet this week, they are lots of fun and add some great functionality!

In the Web interface I've added Statistics to your profile in the top right - so you can see at a glance your number of updates, favorites, following and followers. This updates itself as you tweet, fave and follow.  There is also an "Appearance" preference in the Settings menu - you can keep the default iTweet look OR import your Twitter profile's appearance - background image, font colors, sidebar color and everything!

If you are wondering "where did the nifty follow/notifications/block buttons go?", I have moved them all to the Profile pages to make better use of the API and make these methods more intuitive.  The old method assumed whether you were following a person or not based on the timeline they were found in; this was a little confusing and inconvenient, so I've moved it to the Profile page.  Here the page can tell (via the Twitter API call) whether you are following that person or not, and present the correct options depending on that status.

There's also an "is so-and-so following me?" button so you can see if that person is following you, and a "Twittering Since" date that shows when that person joined Twitter.  That part has been interesting to me as it's neat to see how long someone has been part of the Twitter community.  That data is made available via the Twitter API, although for some reason you can't find that info about a user on - another reason to use iTweet!

The Following and Profile methods are the same for both the Web interface and the iPhone interface.  I love hearing feedback from users; that's been an important part of the development process for me and interacting with the community of iTweet fans is really half the fun for me.  So please use the contact section of iTweet or this website to email me your thoughts, feature requests, etc.  And keep on tweeting!

Leave comments on this blog, or let's talk on Twitter or Facebook.

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