Twittory: The Darkness Inside

Twittory: An "Exquisite Corpse" story - Twitter style!

Internal mechanisms began making adjustments. Muscle relaxants, serotonin. What to calm her mind? Focus...her son, where had they taken him?
This was my 140-character contribution to Twittory #1, "The Darkness Inside".  This is a Twitter-based Exquisite Corpse story written in 140 sentences of 140 characters or less (this is the amount of space allotted to a tweet). Fun idea! The story so far has elements of mystery, action, science fiction, humor and romance.  Also blood, swearing, kissing, treachery, and time travel.  And Lou Reed. Twittories are a production of The Podcast Network, and the game was begun by Cameron Reilly of the "G'Day World" podcast. My sentence is number 54, which I entered sometime around December 22. Right now the game is up to number check back in March or April to read the final product!

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